Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Problems with Christians

I began to have real problems with Christians. "Christians", the people who go to church and tell you they believe in God but just dont make you feel it, just didn't sit well with me. I found some such people who were eager to tell me that they were Christians. They loved to tell me about how great Christianity was. This, of course, is good. What isn't good is loving CHRISTIANITY. Christianity is a religion, not anything more or less than that. Devotion to a religion rather than God breeds elitism, judement, and fanaticism. This sounds extreme and perhaps it is. My experience with "Christians" was usually taited with judgement of worldly things. People were quick to tell me that my music was unholy, that my beliefs were not in line with God or that x, y or z in the world was soooo wrong. What made this so unsettling for me was the attitude that they were somehow so much rightious than others. Their faith was a source of pride. They could boast about how strong their faith was. Surely they are rightious because they don't smoke or listen to Korn. They're not like those other people who have abortions or do "unchristian" things. I found that they more that these people felt the need to tell me how "Christian" they are, the less Christian they seemed.
I found that the people who truly seemed to express they love of God in this world were the people who didn't advertise it with shirts and bumper stickers. They lived a life of loving other people. They didn't have to tell you how Christian they were because if you were one, you knew. If you weren't, you asked. Christians who know the Lord live a changed life. We are truly changed people. People who love the church may change skins, but their hearts remain untouched.


Blogger Timothy said...

I hate to say it, but i wonder if i was one of those...

here's thanking god for change.

6:13 PM  

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