Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What ever happened to Judas?

Have you heard? New historical writings have been discovered and translated which are being regarded as the Gospel of Judas. The writings claim that Judas acted under orders from Jesus himself to hand him over to the pharases. Is it true? Could it be that Judas was not a traitor?
I think the more important questions are "Does this change my faith?" or "Does this change the importance of Jesus's sacrifice?" The answers are probably no. The important thing is that Jesus died. How and why become irrelevant. It does, however, cause us to question our understanding of the history surrounding his death.
We should always find a reasons to question our understanding of the bible and our faith. Too often, beleifs are based on false pretences. People believe things because they want to believe them or because they are afraid it is true. They believe them because someone behind a pulpit told them to. They believe because an obscure verse justifies their fear and hatered. They believe because they are afraid that not believing makes them unchristian.
Believing for these reasons DESTROYS faith.
We must not believe simply because a preist or pastor told us it was true. No matter how strong their faith is, they are not perfect. Worse yet, not all are trustworthy. A single bible verse is not enough to base a belief on. Often enough, verses are meant to be read in the context of the whole chapter. Chapters must be read in the context of the whole book. Single verses are easy to misinterperet.
Having run short of time, I have to wrap this up. Before you believe something, pray about it. STUDY it. Question it. Occasionally, take stock of your beliefs and remind yourself why you believe it. Was Judas a traitor? I don't know. Was it all God's plan anyway? Yes. Read the Gospel of Judas if you find it and pray. Pray hard.


Blogger Beth said...

I think you make a good point about belief and faith. Do I believe in God, most definately. Do I have faith in God, regretably, no. I don't have faith in any thing or any one religiously. I've taken pastors to be represenatives of God and found them wanting. I have lost faith. I believe because I fear that it may all be true, and if I don't believe I'd be screwed. People who have faith wouldn't be worried about this whole Gospel of Judas book, they'd know or have faith Christ regardless. I find that it's only the people who believe, and don't have faith, who have issue with the text. For those who believe, for we only believe based on what we read and hear and not what is in our soul, this is Earth shattering. Faith transcends this.

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