Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And the blood ran calf high in the streets of Jeruselem

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in eons. I usually only post when something is weighing on my heart and life has been sailing smoothly. Lately, however, I have had some pretty intense discussions about an issue that have been nagging me.

Let's take a look at the current state of Israel. Not the ancient Jewish nation, but the middle eastern nation formed in the late 1940's. As I read it, Israel was created by the UN in 1947. The nation of Palestine was divided by foreign powers to be 56% Jewish and 44% Palestinian. The actual population was divided much differently; only 32% of the population was Jewish. The UN plan also called for Jerusalem and Bethlehem to be international territory open to both Palestinians and Jews.

This is no longer the case. Fighting between Arabs and Jews led to brutal warfare. Armistice agreements left Palestine with only a tiny fraction of land and Israel controlled 77% of the former Palestinian territory including Jerusalem.

Current Arab terrorist organizations, such as the militant wings of Haamas and Hesbala, see Israel as an agressive, foriegn occupying force. They have evry right to. Palestinian land was taken first by the UN and then by Israel itself to form its current borders. I do not mean to say that I agree with their practice of intentionally targeting civilian targets. What they have done ammounts to murder. I simply wish to encourage you to consider fully their position and ask if you can't feel some small sense of understanding for them.

I also don't want anyone to think I support the actions of Israel. Militant Zionists took land from Palestine by force in direct defiance of the UN partitian resolution (resolution 181). In their recent conflict with Lebanon, Israel has, intentionally or by criminal neglegence, killed far more civilians than militants. Many of those civilians were actively trying to evacuate as Israel had warned them to do. They have also attacked unarmed UN observers with precision bombs. They have destroyed all highways which allowed passage of civilian relief aid. They are continuing to perform offensive military strikes into Lebanon in spite of the recently adopted cease fire.

This is not a nation that expresses the love of God. This is a nation that seems to serve only its own interests and has no intention of finding peace. I do not believe this nation we call Israel is truly the chosen nation of God, but reather a haven for angry Jews.

Just because we still call it Israel, they are not automatically God's chosen.


Blogger Andrew said...

Let us not forget that despite our Presidents denouncement of Hesbala and Hamas as terrorist orginisations and enemies of democracy, let us not forget that they were and are the democraticly elected representitives of their nation. Not excusing their gurilla activities but one connot uphold and condem democracy in the same breath because they do not like the choices of the process

10:01 PM  
Blogger Timothy said...

ooooooookay.... i gotta say... yes, you are correct. Israel was created in 47, in an attempt to put to an end years and years and years and years and years of bloodshed in the region. And as evidenced by the last 60 years, it has failed to do so.

However, your post leaves me with the assumption that you equate israel's government with that of hezbolla or hamas, and i do not think this is the case. Yes, both democratically elected, but i think the comparisons stop there. Hezbolla and Hamas both continously provoke, attack, assassinate, kidnap, and kill israelis without regard to political allegiences or the possibility of threat. And yet, because these factions operate outside the rule of their governments (as no government can SUPPORT or SPONSOR these terroristic activities and remain in power, thanks to the threats of larger nations *ahem usa*) israel has no possibility to retaliate unless it be against a partially civilian population or a "peaceful" nation, such as Lebanon. Thus, israel's precision bombings and errors look like brutality against a peaceful civilian populace, no matter how precise or restrained the attacks may be.

With that in mind, you are once again correct that you cannot uphold and condemn democracy at the same time. Hezbolla was elected, as was Iran's government, both of which refuse to recognize that israel has ANY right to exist. But shouldnt a nation have the right to defend itself against repeated attacks against its civilian peaceful populace? Wouldnt you expect the us to retaliate against militant canadians who repeatedly fire missles into new york and seattle? Especially when the US repeatedly offers to withdraw and surrender more and more land to these canadian militants, as Israel has been prone to do?

All that said, killing is killing and it is senseless and violent and pointless. Ishmael and Israel have been at war since biblical times, and i do not see an end in sight, barring divine intervention. How i wish it was otherwise.

(Basically, i agree, but more side with israel than you seem to. Besides, isnt the arguement just fun to have? Let's not blow up each other's marketplaces, okay?)

6:42 PM  
Blogger Timothy said...

Oh, and pickles.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

I should point out that the comment left in my name was, in fact, my friend, Stevie.

It is not entirely unreasonable to tell Palestine, "Congratulations or a democratic election, but we now have a political conflict with your government." I do, however, wish that the United States seemed more eager to engage in diplomatic efforts with Palestine. Our response seemed to say, "Do what we want you to or you're screwed."

My biggest problems with Israel in this conflict are that they destroyed a UN facility occupied by unarmed observers after no fewer than six warnings that their attacks came dangerously close to those observers. Israel knowingly destroyed the last highway by which the Red Cross to move relief aid to displaced Lebonese civilians. Once again, the UN warned them about the highway. Deliberately obstructing relief aid is an internationally recognized war crime. Israel continues to attack Lebanon in spite of signing a cease fire agreement. That's just bad form.

I don't side with either of them. Israel has become a self serving bully. Lebanon is spineless and allows Iran and Syria to do their fighting. Palestine refuses to make any concesions toward peace. The world has seen millenia of senseless bloodshed over dirt and that isn't going to change. I only wish we could all look at the grander scale of the situation and stop absolving Israel of its faults.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

No Palistine is not with out it's own flaws, but America tends to see Israel as perfect because we tie this country with the Biblical nation. The Biblical nations were based on bloodlines and inheritance and not the boundries of the UN. No amount of bloodshed is going to be ended by saying "You give up your territory you've held for CENTURIES" and then "You, his rival, go take it". Come on, from the start this is a BAD idea.

Drew do me a favor though before you say that this is NOT the tribe that we read of in the Old Testament. The most common thing to have happen through the histories and prophesies is to see war, and punishments for not killing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING from a sinful nation. Let's face it, Israel has always been far from peaceful.

In the modern conflict, both parties are so wrong we can't even begin to say that anyone is right. We can empathise and we can understand the arguement, but niether is right. Tim said it months ago, we're a bunch of 4 year olds. We keep changing the chanel and no matter how many times Dad hits our hand we continue to change the chanel. We won't learn and we won't change.
Don't add to the problem by pointing the finger, if you can find a solution that will resolve in-bred hatred, PLEASE tell someone in power. Otherwise, just pray because complaining just fuels the fire.

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